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"If only I had seen the script"
After the Navy

This is the title of his book of memories, - the punchline being "I might have given a better performance".  A typically wry comment from this self-effacing gentle man.

"An old China hand once told me that candidates for entry into the Chinese Civil Service used to be faced with an exam paper which posed only one question: "Write all you know."  It could be said that this book with its very varied contents seems to obey the same instruction; for in it I have put together practically all I have ever written and retained in the hope that at least some of it will entertain some of its readers some of the time.

"This gallimaufry of mine is divided into four parts.  The first contains various happenings in the air and at sea, some of which could have, and others which should have, put paid to any hopes I might have had of retiring from the Navy one day with a pension.

"The second part mostly consists of some rather harsh comments and opinions of the Australian scene as written at the time when I was Commander (Air) of the carrier Glory in 1947, many of which thoughts I would very probably disclaim if I were to make another there today.

"The third part comprises a day-to-day personal log, wholly unofficial, written during my time as first Captain of the Ark Royal IV in 1954/56; and there is also a full account of the origin of the Angled Deck invention written some time after the event; and as assortment of the scripts for some speeches I made at the time.

"The final part is a rag-bag of lectures, speeches, essays and assorted notes -a all completely random and unconnected with each other.

So you have been warned."    (DRFC June 1994)