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"If only I had seen the script"
After the Navy

On after dinner speaking: "I can't help recalling the story of the Christian and the Lion.  The Lion bounded eagerly towards the last slave in the arena, but as he got near his victim, the slave leant towards him and appeared to say something; whereupon the Lion turned and away and furtively slunk out of the nearest exit. The audience was amazed and the Emperor sent for the Christian and demanded to know what had transpired.  'All I said, your Majesty' said the slave 'was: You know, of course, that after dinner you will have to make a speech.'" DRFC 7 October 1977.

American tour

Directly after leaving the navy DRFC, DEC and LDC set off for a six month travelling tour of the USA ostensibly as a lecture tour but mainly to visit LB and family in San Francisco. 

DRFC's speaking engagements were with the English Speaking Union at Colorado Springs, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Salt Lake City.

"What I am trying to do is to interpret some aspects of English life to you; so that if and when you do go visiting there you may be the better prepared for what you will find.  And even if you never have that opportunity, at least you may perhaps have a little more patience and understanding when you hear news itesm aobut us and our often incomprehensible behaviour.  That is why I am here today, to present an up-to-date commentary on the English scene, a new appreciation of what English life is like.  In short 'Some New Angles on the English'".

"For one thousand years we have led a fairly calm and sheltered life in a pleasant island with a mild climate. No cataclysmic disasters have engulfed us, and we have managed to fend off, though often at some cost, several major threats to our security.  This has bred in us a rather mild, kindly, sometimes complacent disposition - with a love of compromise and a dislike of extreme views or precipitate action."  (extracts)


On return to the UK in Spring 1962, they settled in the middle of the Hampshire countryside and DRFC joined  Helicopters Sales Ltd.

"Helicopter Sales was a three man company which I was invited to join and we all met at Le Bourget airport in May 1961.  As a result I soon became wholly involved in the dicey business of trying to sell light helicopters in the civil and miliatary market.  In the ten years that followed we didn't make much money but we had an exciting and colourful time trying to succeed in what was s new field of aviation."  (DRFC 1994)


DRFC later became a director of a company involved with promoting tours to Turkey; this was a long time before it became the popular British holiday destination it is these days.  The company, Executive Travel, organised Fly Drive holidays for those interested in exploring the real country rather than lying on a beach somewhere.

"We found that being one of the pioneers in a new field, success doesn't come without more resources and patience than we could afford. In the end, our Turkish effort became absorbed into a much larger and more experienced tour operator and I faded out having had a marvellous new experience albeit an unprofitable one." DRFC 1994

Leonard Cheshire & Star and Garter

DRFC had a powerful social conscience and gave to Charity throughout his adult life.  In his later years he was a particularly avid supporter of both these charities.