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"If only I had seen the script"
After the Navy

"Outside of a horse, a man's best friend is a book, but inside of a horse it is too dark to read."  (DRFC August 1960)

DRFC learned carpentry from his father, Dr Archibald Cambell and became an accomplished and careful craftsman.  He made many pieces of furniture for his family a selection of which are shown here.  This is a pine dining table made for Lalage

This coffee table was originally made for Lamorna when she was living in Kensington in the 1960s but it is now happily residing in Wales!

This is just one of the many children's desks he made.  He produced these for all his grandchildren and many of his great nephews and neices too.  Some were made with hidden secret compartments, a great source of joy to their proud young owners

This is the hall chest he made which stood for many years in the entrance porch at the Old School House, Colemore.

"I took part in the annual Admirals, Generals and Air Marshals match - what might be called the Blimps Benefit. I was at the time newly retired and I was paired with another Admiral of about the same age wo were still then in reasonably good shape.  Our opponents proved to be two distinguished Air Marshals, but what was particularly distinctive about them both was their respective golf handicaps; and I don't mean golf handicaps. One of these most gallant gentlemen had been in a bad crash early in his career and had been reassembled rather as was the Bionic Man.  The surgeons however had had to offer him the choice of being more or less fixed into an upright stance or sitting posture, and he chose sitting so that he could go on flying.  The other officer had been a first class rugby player- fly-half for the RAF but he had lost his right arm in an action that had brought him the VC.  I quietly suggested to my partner that we had better go easy on these two so as to make game of it.  But he disagreed, ssaying that any such attempt might well be to obvious, and would be hurtful.  So we decided to play flat out and them ruthlessly....and they beat us 4 and 2."  (Part of a speech to the Roehampton Golf Club Dinner 7 October 1977)

Oil Painting

In the early 1960s DRFC, impressed by DEC's Painting-by-numbers of a Parisian street scene bought her a set of oils.  She never touched these but he soon found himself lured into trying them and discovered not only that he an aptitude but that also he found it relaxing to do.  His paintings hang in many of his off-springs' homes.

These irises are just one of the many still life paintings he produced.                      

This shine in this vase of roses is the flash from the camera.

Barnaby (grandchild number 3) on his bike.

Barnaby with his Granny at Chessington Zoo circa 1973.