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Letter from: Office of the Naval Secretary to the First Lord of the Admiralty, Admiralty, Whitehall, London SW1, dated 20 July 1960.

Rear Admiral D.R.F. Cambell C.B., D.S.C.

I hereby certify that Rear Admiral Cambell has served in the Royal Navy continuously from 15 June, 1925 to the present date, and will continue so to serve until September, 1960.

Rear Admiral Cambell's service was in the following ranks:

Cadet  - 15th June, 1925 to 14th  September, 1926.

Midshipman - 15th September, 1926 to 31st December, 1928.

Sub. Lieut. - 1st January, 1929 to 30th November, 1930.

Lieutenant - 1st December, 1930 to 30th November, 1938.

Liet.Cdr. -1st December, 1938 to 30 November, 1942

Commander - 31st December, 1942 to 30th December, 1948

Captain - 31st December, 1948 to 6th January 1958

Rear Admiral - 7th January, 1958 to date.

Rear Admiral Cambell qualified as a pilot in September, 1931, and his career has been principally concerned with naval aviation to which he has given outstanding service.  His conduct throughout his career has been exemplary and he is held in the highest regard both in the Royal Navy and in aviation circles.

Signed FR Timms, Rear Admiral, Naval Secretary

Letter from The Secretary of the Navy, Washington, D.C. 20350-1000, 13 November 1987

Dear Admiral Cambell

I learned recently from Ambassador Walters, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, of the celebration of your 80th birthday.  On behalf of the US Navy and naval aviators past and present, I extend my best wishes on this occasion.  Your contributions to naval aviation in general, and specifically to the development of the angled deck aircraft carrier, led to increased operational capabilities and enhanced the safety of carrier aviation.  Warmest regards to you on this special day.

Sincerely, James H Webb, Jr.

Today in science lists DRFC's demise as a significant event.