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The Angled-deck
The Ark Royal
Flag Officer Flying Training

DRFC's last three years in the navy as  a Rear Admiral based in Yeovilton, but also responsible for Lossiemouth, Culdrose and Brawdy. 

Extract from farewell speech August 1960

"I have been in the Fleet Airm Arm for thirty years, and I have been FOFT for one tenth of that time.  In many ways it has been the best of all jobs, and it has certainly been the most invigorating one.  With all its shortcomings and difficulties, its constant crises and shortages, the Fleet Air Arm still remains the most virile, active and go ahead of all the parts of the Navy.  To have been able to play some part at this particular stage when at long last we have moved out of the Second Division and into the First Division, that is the most rewarding experience........  I end by saying good luck to Yeovilton and all who serve here now or in the future.  And this is Yeovil flag, turning finals, three greens, out........."

As seen by a seven-year old

My memories of these years are endless air shows, and lovely caravaning holidays in the satellite airfields.  I remember living in Reedley House, the Admiral's house and being looked after by the domestic staff.  It was quite a contrast to the first six of years of my life when we lived in two caravans.  For several years, I thought all houses came with staff!  LDC