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"A final thought: do we believe in an after-life or do we just hope that there is one? If those who do so believe are eventually proved right, they will be able to say to the unbelievers, 'I told you so!'.  But if the sceptics are right they will have no such satisfaction." (DRFC 1994)

If the believers are right, then I am sure that on arrival DRFC gracefully conceded his error. (LDC)

This is the story of The Development of the Angled-Deck Aircraft Carrier:
Hone, T.C., Friedman, N. & Mandeles, M.D. (2011) Naval War College Review 64(2) 63-78. 

This is the reference to the archive wherein is stored the original story of the angled deck as told by DRFC along with accompanying papers:

This site lists (alphabetically) naval officers who served between 1939-1945 http://www.unithistories.com/officers/RN_officersC.html

This is roll of honour (this site is an unofficial site with no official connection with the Fleet Air Arm):

This is his obituary in the Guardian

This one lists significant events in science and lists DRFC's demise as such an event. (I think my father would have been particularly proud to be listed here. LDC)

The Fleet Air Arm Officers' Association tells the history of the Fleet Air Arm including the invention of the angled deck listed under 1953

This details how the Royal Navy changed US naval aviation

This is the forces survivors view of DRFC

This man writes aviation stories and acknowledges DRFC's role in aviation history http://www.cairdpublications.com/author/author.htm

And last but not least, he is mentioned in Wikipedia!

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